Word of the Year

Choosing A Word Of The Year

Transformation begins with INTENTION and CLARITY

Every New Years we usually set goals, intentions or resolutions for the up coming year and rarely stick with them. You ever wonder why that is? I believe it’s because we add more things we have to DO!…Uh! To usually an already busy schedule……

Inspirational stonesSeveral years ago I learned about choosing just a word for the year. Much easier to follow through with. This is more about BEING…. than doing. It’s amazing when you decide upon a word how things start showing up in your life to give you an opportunity to be exactly what you have chosen to work on…The universe is pretty slick…lol…

Think about it a word has meaning, energy and images we can think about.

This is stuff we can get excited about. It’s how change begins and how to transform your life.

It didn’t take me very long to decide on a word for myself for 2014. It was clear as can be!…The word ..CLARITY! . Go figure! clarity

I do know to have a life I dream of I have to be real clear about what that is. For too many years I’ve been wishy washy about what I want. Visions have been vague. It seemed like no matter what I did to get a clearer picture certain areas of my life remained and still remain unfocused..I’ve started wondering what the hell!

I made some pretty big changes in 2013 by following my intuition and many unknowns…Scary! And I’m not done….I figure I will have a much better chance of having my dreams fulfilled when I’m clear about what I want.

So what word will you be choosing for 2014?

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!