Spring Wreath

How to make an old bed spring wreath

Hello Everyone!

Who would of thought old Bed Springs Right!

You know you Can re-purpose just about anything, so why not old bed springs.


I had seen something similar that gave me the idea to wire these together to form a circle and make a wreath.

Now I love a floral wreath but something old and simple steals my heart.



In the top photo I used a fine wire and wrapped it around two springs tightly on opposite sides.

Then I came back and tied twine around it to give it a more vintage look.



I added some grass at the bottom along with this sweet little bird. It does take a door or a wall to keep her steady.

I finished up with some denim ribbon at the top with a small daisy in the center and a few pink flowers. I think it turned out just as I imagined it would. I was going to list it for sale but decided I couldn’t part with it. I can see it hang on an old white door someday.