Depression Glass

DIY Depression Glass

DIY depression glass

Depression glass was very popular and quite affordable if not free during the Great Depression….

It still remains popular today!

The more sought after colors are pink, purple, and calbolt blue.

I love the transparency of the glass! And some of the older clear glass pieces… So I thought why not create my own unique cake plate!

I started with two separate pieces; a clear glass plate and a clear drinking glass with some pretty beveling on it.

I completely forgot to take a “before” picture!

DIY Depression glass

I first started by using a sponge brush and  this crystal gloss enamels transparent paint. Note: I didn’t apply any of the paint on the top of the plate because it will be used for serving food.

I painted several coats on each piece to get a nice rich color….

Now this stuff needs to “air dry” for four days!

Seriously 4 day drying time!

On the fourth day follow the baking instructions on the paint bottle. It’s baked at a low heat for like 20 -25 minutes and then it let cool.

I then took the Epoxy and glued the drinking glass and and plate together and let thoroughly dry and set.

DIY depression glass

I love how it turned out! All I had was Valentine cookies but imagine a beautiful buttercream frosted cake or small potted greenery for Spring!

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