Painted Pumkins


Painted PumpkinsI love decorating for Fall and the holiday’s with colors that are similar to the colors in my home. I had this in mind for my mother’s home which is where I currently reside.

bluepaintedpumpkins1These painted pumpkins painted in Americana Decor, Chalky Finish Serene, pick up on all the blues in the sofa and chairs.

Painted pumpkinsThese painted pumpkins are real easy to do, a little messy but oh so fun! They are a unique color but have a WOW factor with all their glitter. I love the fact it’s less than ($10) for the large one and about ($5) for the small ones. I hope you’ll give it a try!

Painted Pumpkins

Artificial Wreath Expressions Painted Pumpkin Tutorial

Any size artificial pumpkin

Acrylic Paint

Drawer Pulls


Sponge brush

Acrylic spray

Strong glue (E6000)

painted pumkinsSpread out newspaper over your work area. On the small pumpkins I carefully pulled out the stems to replace with drawer pulls. If you want to do something similar for the larger pumpkins I would use old door knobs. I gave each pumpkin two coats of paint. You can do more coats if needed.

When they were fully dried spray the clear acrylic in small areas and lightly sprinkled glitter in the areas you want it. It dries quickly. When you have finished with the glitter spray the whole thing with the acrylic sealer. When that is dry take your drawer pull and remove the washer and nut screw. Push it into the pumpkin to make the whole. Remove and add the glue down the stem and right under the pull itself. Insert and let dry.

Arrange however you like, on a table or the fireplace mantel. You get lots of compliments!

Painted Pumpkins

Remember to…..

Painted Pumpkin


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