DIY Fall Centerpiece

Make Fall Centerpieces for Your Holiday Table

Make Fall Centerpiece

If you are not sure about how to create the size and scale of an arrangement don’t worry! Now days you can purchase flower bouquets that include different size blossoms and coordinating colors from you local craft stores. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you click a link and make a purchase, I could earn coffee money.

How to Make a Fall Centerpiece for Your Holiday Table

In this how to video I’m sharing how to use a floral bouquet that you bought at your craft store and arrange the flowers into a floral arrangement.


How to Make a Fall Floral Arrangement

  • Decide on what kind of container you want to use.
  • Cut your floral foam to fit snugly in your container. Use moss to cover your the top of the foam and the greening pins to adhere it. I use the pins instead of gluing the moss down because the glue will make it harder to insert the floral stems.
  • Cut apart the floral bouquet and attach floral pics.
  • I start with the largest blossoms and start with my focal flower. Place the stems at different heights. Then add the medium size flowers and then you smallest flowers. Finish by filling in with greenery and continue until you are happy with the look!
  • Make a small 5 loop bow and insert it where it will look best. I like to tuck them in on the side, but you can place it in the front.

You now have complete a floral arrangement for your table. Plus you can easily adapt this same technique for any holiday!





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Painted Pumkins


Painted PumpkinsI love decorating for Fall and the holiday’s with colors that are similar to the colors in my home. I had this in mind for my mother’s home which is where I currently reside.

bluepaintedpumpkins1These painted pumpkins painted in Americana Decor, Chalky Finish Serene, pick up on all the blues in the sofa and chairs.

Painted pumpkinsThese painted pumpkins are real easy to do, a little messy but oh so fun! They are a unique color but have a WOW factor with all their glitter. I love the fact it’s less than ($10) for the large one and about ($5) for the small ones. I hope you’ll give it a try!

Painted Pumpkins

Artificial Wreath Expressions Painted Pumpkin Tutorial

Any size artificial pumpkin

Acrylic Paint

Drawer Pulls


Sponge brush

Acrylic spray

Strong glue (E6000)

painted pumkinsSpread out newspaper over your work area. On the small pumpkins I carefully pulled out the stems to replace with drawer pulls. If you want to do something similar for the larger pumpkins I would use old door knobs. I gave each pumpkin two coats of paint. You can do more coats if needed.

When they were fully dried spray the clear acrylic in small areas and lightly sprinkled glitter in the areas you want it. It dries quickly. When you have finished with the glitter spray the whole thing with the acrylic sealer. When that is dry take your drawer pull and remove the washer and nut screw. Push it into the pumpkin to make the whole. Remove and add the glue down the stem and right under the pull itself. Insert and let dry.

Arrange however you like, on a table or the fireplace mantel. You get lots of compliments!

Painted Pumpkins

Remember to…..

Painted Pumpkin


Depression Glass

DIY Depression Glass

DIY depression glass

Depression glass was very popular and quite affordable if not free during the Great Depression….

It still remains popular today!

The more sought after colors are pink, purple, and calbolt blue.

I love the transparency of the glass! And some of the older clear glass pieces… So I thought why not create my own unique cake plate!

I started with two separate pieces; a clear glass plate and a clear drinking glass with some pretty beveling on it.

I completely forgot to take a “before” picture!

DIY Depression glass

I first started by using a sponge brush and  this crystal gloss enamels transparent paint. Note: I didn’t apply any of the paint on the top of the plate because it will be used for serving food.

I painted several coats on each piece to get a nice rich color….

Now this stuff needs to “air dry” for four days!

Seriously 4 day drying time!

On the fourth day follow the baking instructions on the paint bottle. It’s baked at a low heat for like 20 -25 minutes and then it let cool.

I then took the Epoxy and glued the drinking glass and and plate together and let thoroughly dry and set.

DIY depression glass

I love how it turned out! All I had was Valentine cookies but imagine a beautiful buttercream frosted cake or small potted greenery for Spring!

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Red Wine

How To Use Marsala – Pantone’s 2015 Color

Pantone color for 2015 marsala is complex and

full bodied like a glass of red wine!

Pantone color 2015What exactly is Pantone and how do they determine the color for the year you ask? Pantone Inc is a company located in New Jersey and is well known for it’s color matching system that was first created back in 1963 which consisted of a large number of small cardboard sheets, printed on one side with a series of related color swatches and then bound into a small “fan deck”.

They have since regulated colors so different manufactures from all around the world can access and reference a Pantone color. They have a solid color palette of 1114 colors as well as four other palettes but these should not be confused with the original solid palette.

It was back in 2000 when Pantone put a team together to search the world for future design and color direction in broad sectors. Selecting a color of the year is meant as a reflection of what people are looking for, what they feel they need that color can help to answer. Not necessarily the popular fashion color of the season, but a color bridging all areas of design which is an expression of a mood, an attitude, on the part of the buyer.Pantone_Color_of_the_Year_Marsala_Story_One_Image3

So how do you incorporate Marsala into your everyday. In small bits. It’s a pretty bold color but adds a nice, warm earthy feeling.

1.) Beauty: You can already find this color in many beauty products. The hue is stunning in a lip stick, nail color, blush or even a few streaks of hair color. Just remember less is more.

2.) Accessories: add a splash of the color to your main fashion pieces with  scarves, ties for men, shoes, purses, phone case, hair band or earrings. Marsala can be worn with black and gray during cold months and moving into Spring and Summer wear it with beige and white.

3.) Home Decor: You can add touches of marsala to your homes decor without breaking the bank or over powering a room by using throw pillows, accent rugs, table runners, serving dishes and in floral arrangements and of course wreaths. The video will provide some more great ideas

Marsala pairs beautifully with amber, umber and golden yellows, greens in both turquoise and teal, and blues in the more vibrant range. For more color pairing visit Pantone

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