Storm Window

Best Way To Hang A Wreath On A Glass Storm Door

Does your Wreath Keep Sliding Down Your Glass Door?   I never realized just how many people have glass storm doors until I moved to the Mid West. Where I lived before security doors were the common thing. They’re not the prettiest looking door and hard to hang wreaths on too! So, I always hung […]

Spring Wreath

How to make an old bed spring wreath

Hello Everyone! Who would of thought old Bed Springs Right! You know you Can re-purpose just about anything, so why not old bed springs. I had seen something similar that gave me the idea to wire these together to form a circle and make a wreath. Now I love a floral wreath but something old […]

Professional Wreath Making

Would You Like To Use Professional Wreath Making Supplies?

Now you can get the same types of supplies I use! It’s so important to have good Wreath Making Supplies because it makes for a much better quality wreath. I personally buy most of my supplies from wholesalers, but occasionally you find something you love in a store or because the price is so right […]