Depression Glass

DIY Depression Glass

Depression glass was very popular and quite affordable if not free during the Great Depression…. It still remains popular today! The more sought after colors are pink, purple, and calbolt blue. I love the transparency of the glass! And some of the older clear glass pieces… So I thought why not create my own unique […]

Red Wine

How To Use Marsala – Pantone’s 2015 Color

Pantone color for 2015 marsala is complex and full bodied like a glass of red wine! What exactly is Pantone and how do they determine the color for the year you ask? Pantone Inc is a company located in New Jersey and is well known for it’s color matching system that was first created back […]

Christmas Wreath

How to Make Your Evergreen Christmas Wreaths Look Like The Professionals

You all know what a mess an evergreen wreath base is when you first get them, Right! To get it to look it’s best you must FLUFF it!  I always like to add extra greenery to mine to give it a nice full look. Here is an example of a wreath that is half fluffed. […]